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Virginia Barn Company owners, Tim and Chris Hill, offer personal consultations to gain customers’ trust and create a relationship built on cooperative planning. Virginia Barn Company offers on site tours and descriptive material lists to prove that customers are getting the most for their money. VBC never leaves a customer unsatisfied and will provide references, upon request, to demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality. Virginia Barn is dedicated to completing each project within a timely manner and with the highest attention to detail.


Since its founding in 2005, Virginia Barn Company has strived to be the leading barn building contractors in the state. 

VBC’s owners and twin brothers, Tim and Chris Hill, have built a strong reputation as responsible contractors. Each with vast knowledge of current construction methods including property excavation, custom home building, plumbing and electrical installation, and concrete design to meet each client's needs. Each member of VBC crew is dedicated barn builders who understand the meaning of quality work.


Each project is custom designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Individual contracts are customer friendly and offer descriptions for each phase of the construction process. VBC guarantees their customers do not have unanswered questions and will ensure clients’ investments are well spent.

Virginia Barn Company offers consultations for interested customers. Clients will have the opportunity to view estimation documents while receiving a verbal description of materials on the phone or in person.

This is just another tool VBC owners offer their clients to ensure a trustworthy, lasting relationship.


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